Increase the liquidity of your company

If your clients have not settled their overdue financial obligations, we repurchase your overdue and unpaid receivables and assume further collection risk for an agreed fee. Thanks to this model of work, we will reduce your future costs and free up the resources and time of your employees to enable you to conduct your core business without interruption.

In the communication with our clients-debtors, we are guided by experience and professionalism, and our goal and desire is for you to continue your business cooperation after settling financial obligations. Our mission is to find the most favorable solutions, both for our clients-partners and for our clients-debtors.

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Increase your income, relieve your daily operations

Aware of the fact that many companies and end users do not settle their debts on time, we enable you to, in addition to us repurchasing your receivables, leave the management of these receivables to our experienced team. The method of managing receivables is a very important factor in liquidity and healthy business operations. It is therefore important to implement it thoroughly, including a detailed analysis of receivables and the adoption of appropriate receivables collection processes and policies. When managing receivables, we use our own methods of collection. In doing so, we are always measured and professional in order to maintain a positive relationship and a relationship of trust. Contact us and relieve your daily operations!




We create the best solutions, regardless of the specific problem at hand

Whether you are a debtor or a creditor experiencing problems with the collection of receivables, you can contact us to receive specific advice on your specific case. Our team of experienced R2B experts will help you find the best solution for all parties involved.

Let us help you and give value to your ideas, so that we can create opportunities to get back on track together.


Other about us

"When describing the cooperation with RETURN TO BUSINESS d.o.o. we must first point out that this is one of the few companies in Croatia that has complied with all the provisions of the mutual agreement without any pushing and begging. All parameters of cooperation were precisely defined at the first meeting and put on paper. Thanks to its teamwork and organization, from the legal department to its contacts with financial institutions, the work was done superbly in the full sense of the word. Of course, even they cannot restructure companies that have neither the present nor the future, and for which it is better to draw the line as soon as possible and start new ventures. As for the financial side, they are not cheap either, but since I, as the owner, did not become too tired or annoyed, they were worth every kuna I spent."

Tomislav Karačić

"I am hereby contacting you because I wanted to praise the business operations of Return to business d.o.o., and especially you, Mrs. Lacković, because with your help, patience, understanding and negotiation for almost a year, I managed to settle the debt on the basis of a signed settlement. The recommendation – in this time of uncertainty, the ordinary man needs nothing more than respect, attention, and a kind word, regardless of his debt. 

I can claim with certainty that no man wants to be indebted to anyone, and I realized this through many years of my past work with people. Anyone who owes a debt should always be given an opportunity to repay it. Continue to pursue a policy of peace and understanding for each of your clients in your future business, because, in this way, success to the satisfaction of all parties is inevitable. 

You have my sincerest regard, and I wish all the employees who are in contact with clients a lot of patience and understanding because they are the soul of the company, and I can tell those in charge (those who make decisions) to follow their heart when they make them.  

For now, I am your satisfied customer, and when I repay my debt in full, I will become a happy customer."

Fina Fabek

"I am satisfied, I am extremely satisfied, and I am looking forward to our further cooperation given the good experience I’ve had so far."


Rušiti Riza

"Last night I just forwarded your email to my daughter without reading a single letter because I wasn’t ready for anything embarrassing as there has been too much of it in these last almost two decades. For me, this is like a new, conscious rebirth. It is too little to say thank you. 

We wish you personally and everyone around you all the best from the bottoms of our hearts. And may luck find you. It sure did me."

B. Č.

"Dear Sir or Madam,

Namely, my name is Ivan, I was a client of R2B, and I have only words of praise for the helpfulness and accessibility in every segment of communication,

I would especially like to thank Ms. Premužić, with whom I have been in constant contact regarding my condition and situation. I would definitely recommend communicating and reaching an agreement with R2B to everyone, because there really is a solution and an agreement out there for everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone once again for the effort and solidarity they showed in my case."


Ivan Matas