About us

About us

RETURN TO BUSINESS d.o.o. is a company that has different solutions to your financial challenges. We started our business in October 2016, and we have been specializing in the management and repurchase of receivables ever since. Although we are a small "boutique" company, we are focused on comprehensive solutions, proud to be a reliable partner, both for banks, which have their own standards and centuries-old traditions, companies, and private customers.

Core values

In the course of our business, we maintain our unquestionable core values:

From the very beginning of our business, we have been aware of one of the biggest factors limiting the growth of the domestic economy - the issue of illiquidity. The reasons leading to the illiquidity of a company, such as the inability to collect bills, the length and uncertainty of court proceedings with extremely high costs are the issues that led us to the conclusion of how important the collection of receivables is for the normal functioning of a company. Therefore, these reasons were one of the main motives for us to specialize in the repurchase and management of receivables, in the desire to use our experience and professional conduct in order to help our clients - partners, as well as our clients - debtors.

Therefore, we provide a customized, fast, efficient, and successful debt collection process for you and on your behalf, while we seek forms of refinancing for debtors, help them with financial management, and provide advice in resolving their current situation. Our R2B experts consider each case separately, through the prism of experience, specialized skills, and knowledge, while simultaneously maintaining unquestionable core values.


Smilja Briski

Smilja Briški

Smilja Briški

Smilja Briški has built her 20-year career on leading positions in departments for managing receivables with an emphasis on regulatory compliance. Excellent knowledge of the leasing industry, the ability to make quick decisions and organize a team are Smilja's recipe for delivering projects with high standards of quality and expertise, from the first contact with the clients to the finalization of negotiations in managing risk receivables. As a member of the R2B team, she is always ready to support anyone with her clear expectations, and honest and dignified conduct, which encourages maximum efficiency.


Arina Pellarini Vujnović

Arina Pellarini Vujnović

Arina Pellarini Vujnović is a law graduate with more than seventeen years of experience in the profession. She gained her knowledge and skills through years of working in an international environment by managing legal departments, and, in particular, by taking care of the collection and management of receivables in the financial industry. With her level of organization, efficiency, and dedicated approach, Arina achieves outstanding results for R2B's clients and partners. As an expert on the R2B team, she is a strategic member for creating a positive and productive work environment.

Proud members

R2B is a member of HUAN (Croatian Debt Collection Agency Association) and a part of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations). We actively participate in the work of the association, contributing our knowledge and experience to the promotion of good business practices and the importance of the debt collection industry.

AAA Creditworthiness Certificate Holder

Silver-rating award for creditworthiness is awarded to the companies which exceed the above-average creditworthiness among companies and is based on the company's financial statements and other dynamic indicators; it predicts above-average safe and successful business activity of the company in the coming period.

Company information

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