Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Cession or assignment of a claim is the transfer of an alienable claim from the previous creditor to a new creditor, whereby the debtor and the claim remain the same.

Pursuant to Art. 82, Paragraph 1 of the Civil Obligations Act (OG 35/05, 41/08, 125/11, 78/15, 29/18) the consent of the debtor is not required for the assignment of a claim.

RETURN TO BUSINESS d.o.o. (hereinafter: R2B) is a company whose primary activity is the repurchase, collection and management of claims. When performing activities, our company is not interested in forcing clients to communicate or exert any other type of pressure, but to establish a good relationship to our mutual satisfaction in order to resolve existing issues and avoid initiating costly litigation whose costs would ultimately be borne by the debtor.

In order to prove that the debt has been settled, it is necessary to submit a confirmation of debt settlement or a confirmation of payment. R2B will check the documents you provide and inform you in writing, all to make sure that the debt is indeed settled.

You should make the payment to R2B as it is the new creditor in relation to your debt, and in accordance with the previously submitted notifications which contain the payment details.

Yes! If you need advice on refinancing, R2B employees will be happy to inform you about all your refinancing options.

Given the long period of time in which the debt was not settled, there is a possibility that, in addition to calculating the debt incurred on the basis of the principal and regular interest rates, the debt incurred on the basis of default interest was calculated as well, or other costs such as court or notary costs.

R2B enables debt repayment in monthly installments in proportion to your monthly income and capabilities.

You can resolve the debt in several ways - by a one-time payment, payment in installments, refinancing, and other combinations of these methods. R2B adapts to your possibilities and suggestions on how to resolve the debt. At the same time, we complement your proposals with our advice which results from our many years of experience in debt collection.

You can make a debt payment according to the previously received notification which contains the data for making the payment: name of the payer, name of the recipient, giro account of the recipient, reference number, description of the payment and the amount of the debt to be paid.

In case of an impossibility to comply with the previously agreed terms of payment, it is necessary to contact a specialist in the debt collection department in order to reach an agreement and settle the debt on time.

Complaints and compliments should be sent to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or address: RETURN TO BUSINESS d.o.o., Selska cesta 90 a, Zagreb.

If you have a registered permanent/habitual residence abroad and want to settle the debt in the Republic of Croatia, the payment is made regularly in accordance with the Payment Operations Act (OG 66/18) of the EU member states. To make a payment, you need information about the recipient's giro account and a reference to the debt number you are paying.

Proof of registration of your permanent/habitual residence is required.

The employees of the R2B company will receive you in our offices in Selska cesta 90 a, Zagreb at any time, after prior notice by phone in order to arrange the most convenient date.

Simple Consumer Bankruptcy, in accordance with the Consumer Bankruptcy Act, does not allow debt write-off, so your debt has not "disappeared" with the implementation of the Simple Consumer Bankruptcy proceedings. There is a possibility that the basis on which the enforced collection was performed was written off with the Financial Agency by a decision of the competent court and the Enforcement creditor is no longer entitled to receive payments pursuant to that basis for payment, but the debt on which the aforementioned basis was activated has not been settled and you need to contact the Enforcement creditor to agree on debt settlement.

If you have submitted a proposal to open consumer bankruptcy proceedings in accordance with the Consumer Bankruptcy Act, and provided that all the preconditions for conducting such proceedings prescribed by law are met, such a fact does not in itself affect the existence of the debt. Namely, the plan for the fulfillment of obligations depends on the assets at the disposal of the consumer, which the creditors may or may not agree on. Also, in certain cases, a trustee is appointed for the consumer to monitor the consumer's behavior and financial capabilities within a period of 5 years from the court decision and to submit quarterly reports to the competent court.

At any time, R2B will adjust to your current financial capabilities, whether it is by an increase or decrease in the previously agreed monthly payment.